Win an MBA Scholarship

Business school can entail a significant financial investment. Fortunately, students who apply to accredited universities are automatically considered for federal aid; that’s why they submit FAFSAs (Free Applications for Federal Student Aid) along with GMAT scores and personal statements. But federal aid usually won’t cover all student expenses. Students who plan ahead can secure thousands […]

Early Career MBA Programs

Early career MBA programs are designed for people who have just one or two years of professional work experience. They target a different crowd than do traditional MBA programs, which expect applicants to have spent three or more years in the workforce. Early MBA students are typically recent college graduates or career-changers who aim to […]

Types of Online MBA Programs

MBA programs were first developed in late 19th century America as industrialists sought scientific means of management. Nowadays, MBA programs respond to many different needs in non-profit organizations and for-profit corporations. Whether you’re a recent business graduate, a mid-career professional, or a top-level executive, there’s a graduate program in business administration that was designed with […]

Best Online MBA programs

Our list of online MBA programs only includes large state schools and other well-known universities. By choosing from the list below, you can feel even more confident about earning your MBA degree online. The University of Houston – Victoria offers an online Global Master of Business Leadership program and a number of other MBA programs. […]

Earn an Online MBA Degree

If you’ve decided that it’s time to pursue a Master’s of Business Administration degree, you probably have a lot of questions. How long does it take to earn an MBA? Which online MBA programs are reputable? At, we answer frequently asked questions about earning an MBA. We also publish articles about top MBA programs, […]

Nonprofit and Government Work for MBAs

The stereotypical business school student is grooming for Wall Street, but not all MBAs desire corporate careers. Some seek administrative positions within nonprofit organizations or the government. Employees in these sectors, and especially the nonprofit sector, tend to describe their jobs as personally fulfilling. These jobs are generally lower-paying than corporate jobs, but MBAs have […]

The Basics of an MBA Application

Every MBA program and master’s program has a unique application, but most share the same major components: An application form A curriculum vitae (CV) A financial aid application (the FAFSA) A personal statement and/or other essays Letters of recommendation A personal interview (by telephone or in person) Transcripts from other schools Standardized test scores (GMAT, […]

Self-Designed MBA Programs

MBA programs run the gamut from general management to very specific areas of management. Most students are able to find online MBA concentrations or dual degree programs that meet their career goals. However, others desire highly personalized MBA programs. At least two self-designed online MBA programs are offered by accredited universities. The first, which is […]

MBA Rankings Online: Top U.S. Business Schools of 2013

Use MBA Rankings to Find the Best Business School for You Our comprehensive resource on ranking systems for MBA degree programs makes it easy to sort through the various school ranking systems available, providing insight into which graduate school of business will provide the best experience for you. A variety of United States business schools […]

GMAT Preparation Guide

Beware of GMAT Myths and Blind Spots While the Graduate Management Admission Test, or GMAT, is the most common test for students who want to go on to graduate school to pursue an MBA or other business graduate degree, it is not always required. Some schools prefer to look at other measures of a student’s […]

International Students Guide to Online MBAs

Online degree programs are a growing trend in higher education, especially for international students. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, about 22 percent of all post baccalaureate students took some college courses online, while 9 percent of these students completed their entire program online. Whether you are an international student considering an MBA […]

Online MBA at Harvard

Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts has one of the most respected MBA programs in the country. The Harvard name carries a prestige sought after by many ambitious students of business simply because it’s recognized worldwide as a first-class institution. Graduates of the MBA program at the Harvard Business School are going off to form some […]

The Online MBA at UNC

Online MBA degrees in recent years have exploded in popularity, often producing programs of dubious quality and value. Taking the lead in innovating online education, the University of North Carolina (UNC) has developed an online curriculum for prospective MBA students looking to combine the convenience of an online degree program with the prestige, rigor, and […]

Why Getting An MBA is Worth It

Going back to school for a Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a serious investment of time and money. MBA programs from a good public university will cost around $80,000 while a private or Ivy League program runs at least $120,000. And to make matters even more expensive, a full-time program will cost you two […]

Guide to Online MBA’s with No GMAT Requirement

How to Use the Directory Use the directory here at to navigate the numerous online MBA options available to you. We feature only the highest quality accredited online MBA programs from around the country that offer degrees ranging from executive MBA’s to MBA’s in human resources management. Understand the GMAT The landscape of online […]

AACSB Online MBA Directory of Schools Accredited in Business and Accounting

Using the Directory Start your search for an online MBA program from countries around the world by using the directory below. This comprehensive guide is meant to help you find the online MBA program that best suits your education and career goals. Continue reading to learn about AACSB accredited MBA online programs. Learn About AACSB […]

Business Plan Competitions for MBA Students

Let us help you find the resources that can fuel your venture’s success. Use our directory here at as a guide to search for world-class competitions for business plans in addition to top-notch online MBA programs. We’ll help you find competitions that offer once-in-a-lifetime chances to compare notes with powerful CEOs and investors. Read more about business plan competitions.

Introduction To Business Law

Business law is also referred to as commercial law and is the body of law that was developed to govern the transactions made through businesses. This type of law includes the law that governs contracts, commercial paper, sales, business organizations, agency and employment law, bailments and property. Business law may also include related issues such […]

Guide to Starting Your Business

Motivations for starting a business are widespread. Some of the most popular reasons entrepreneurs buckle down and start a business are to gain financial freedom, to be their own boss, and simply because the culture of business ownership seems far superior to “working for the man”. Whatever your reasons for starting a business, there are steps to […]

Graduate School Tips and Information

Graduate school is a decision that some undergraduate students may face. While many people do not even have a college degree, even fewer people have a graduate degree. Graduate school can be expensive, just like an undergraduate degree, and many people arrive at graduate school at different points in their life. Some students may go […]

Economists Who Shaped History

Although economic concepts have been researched, studied, and pondered all throughout history, it did not become a recognized field of study until the nineteenth century. Economics is an ever evolving discipline, shifting and changing as the world grows, the economy changes, and societal norms adjust. Early economic thought was centered on morality, ethics, and religion. The […]

Defining Economic Growth

The two simple words, economic growth, are a surprisingly complex economic phrase when put together. On the surface, one might think that economic growth simply means an economy growing, as in making more money or producing more goods. However, economic growth is about much more than how many hours of work a country completes each year. What […]

MBA Programs and the Shifting Economic Landscape

MBA Programs: an Outdated Curriculum In 2007, MBA graduates armed with their Black Scholes formulas, econometric theories, and mass marketing techniques entered a bustling job market with seemingly limitless career opportunities. They had no reason to look back; for decades MBA holders had held executive positions at some of the most successful Fortune 500 companies […]